About the company
Our past is experience of a world leader.
Our present is cooperation with major companies.
Our future is successful development and aspiration to new horizons.
Compass Group is the largest contract foodservice company in the world

Compass Group is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index

Compass Group is headquartered in Chertsey, Surrey, United Kingdom

Compass Group has its origins in a company which was founded as Factory Canteens to feed British munitions workers during the Second World War.

Our values
The daily interactions our customers, clients, and suppliers engage in are guided by our goal to deliver service without compromise. Our values are simple, but essential to our success.
In our work we focus on standards and principles that are observed all over the world and are proud that due our efforts the Russian catering market is becoming more and more civilized and interested in really high-quality services

Leadership in Russia
Nicos Antoniades
Managing Director
Eugenia Tsimbalyuk
Finance and Purchasing Director
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